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Backroom Casting Couch ™ is a website that features photographs and videos about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job. I would hire them all, however I'm not a talent agent   ...   and there is no modeling job.

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Lauren's Scene Pic
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18 year old Lauren is a tiny, tight-bodied cheerleader trainer and would be pretty much perfect for porn if she ever talked to a real producer. Think Lexi Belle cute. This girl is TIGHT. Too tight. She makes me blow inside her early, and just to test if she's lying about being on birth control I push the cum she...(read more)

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Kinley's Scene Pic
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18 year old Kinley tells us she's here because she fucks so many guys and all of them tell her how great of a lay she is (But she says she isn't a slut...). So becoming a pornstar is the logical next step. Yet she's awefully hesitant just to take off her clothes and doesn't want to suck my cock for the "demo tape" at...(read more)

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Lia's Scene Pic
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It would have been nice if Lia had let me know that she squirts when she cums. But then even if she had it wouldn't have prepared me for the literal fountain of female ejaculation that shoots out of her pussy and covers me, the desk, and herself. I have never seen anything like this and hope I never will. I make Lia...(read more)

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Tabby's Scene Pic
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Video Thumb6: Tabby

"Dear TabbyCat93, thank you for your amazing audition at my office last week. You looked even hotter in person than in the pics on the dating site. The producers and I loved your personality and enthusiasm! I'm sorry I made you shove a dildo up your ass, but they really liked seeing you go the extra mile. I enjoyed...(read more)

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Sunny's Scene Pic
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Where did we leave off? Oh yeah - talking hot girls I meet on dating sites into auditioning for porn jobs that don't actually exist. Let's continue then, shall we? Meet Sunny. Cute blonde Starfucks barista, great little body, comes to the casting because making your daily venti lattes don't pay Sunny's bills. While I'm...(read more)

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Mariah's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Mariah
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Video Thumb6: Mariah

Innocent wallflower nursing student or opportunistic sugar baby looking to make quick cash in the porn industry? Both. 20 yo. Mariah experiences anal for the first time (twice, actually), tastes cum (also twice), rides my sperm covered cock, and shows us all that we can never really know or trust the women in our...(read more)

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Jojo's Scene Pic
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There's a killer body waiting underneath 18 year old Jojo's ensemble of mismatched clothes and cheap makeup she haphazardly smeared on her teen face for her interview. Before I get to ravage it I have to jump through some hoops and promise her the moon. Jojo might have no fashion sense - or common sense, really - and...(read more)

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Emjay's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Emjay
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Video Thumb3: Emjay
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Video Thumb6: Emjay

"I'm down with butt sex, I like butt sex!", blonde, blue eyed workout addict Emjay admits when I'm getting ready to do anal with her. I mean, look at that ass - bubbly, tight, perky. Perfect. Gotta fuck that. So I do. And she loves it! Before that Emjay gives me one of the best BJs - slow deep throat and everything -...(read more)

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Zenia's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Zenia
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Video Thumb6: Zenia

This beautiful 20 year old latina angel takes it in the ass and gets a massive ambush creampie today. And all she wanted was an audition to get girl-on-girl modeling jobs. Boring interview, although we do find out she has a boyfriend...who doesn't fuck her (! Huh? Wait, what??!!), but as soon as she takes her clothes...(read more)

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Lyla's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Lyla
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Video Thumb6: Lyla

Ruh-roh...19 year old blonde, blue-eyed waitress Lyla is NOT happy about the ambush creampie. Or the anal. Hitler's wet dream here tries to come across as a strong, smart, all-grown up woman ("I'm TWENTY!! Well, 19... but 20 soon!") who will not degrade herself, keeping her head high and her values unscarred as she...(read more)

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