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Backroom Casting Couch ™ is a website that features photographs and videos about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job. I would hire them all, however I'm not a talent agent   ...   and there is no modeling job.

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Lourdes's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Lourdes
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Video Thumb5: Lourdes
Video Thumb6: Lourdes

Memorable highlights? I knocked her up. Well, probably. 18 year old Lourdes' impressive resume as house/dog sitter is not what made me invite her over. The fact that she sounds and acts like a reasonably gullible High School senior is. What better way to start your adult life than do porn, right? Too bad little Ms....(read more)

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Tiffani's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Tiffani
Video Thumb2: Tiffani
Video Thumb3: Tiffani
Video Thumb4: Tiffani
Video Thumb5: Tiffani
Video Thumb6: Tiffani

Tiffani is a Junior in college, teaches gymnastics and competes in tournaments. She also competes in MMA fighting, yet is still really feminine, cute and loves to fuck. She wants to try porn to make some extra money. Just before we had sex, she wanted me to put on a condom, but I let her know that there aren't any...(read more)

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Sandra's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Sandra
Video Thumb2: Sandra
Video Thumb3: Sandra
Video Thumb4: Sandra
Video Thumb5: Sandra
Video Thumb6: Sandra

I just have nothing bad to say about Sandra. Even her reason for wanting to get into the adult industry makes sense: no real job prospects after she'll graduate (she refuses to name her school). Sure, she asks a lot of questions and is hesitant to the point where I tell her if she's not willing to go that extra mile...(read more)

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Sadie's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Sadie
Video Thumb2: Sadie
Video Thumb3: Sadie
Video Thumb4: Sadie
Video Thumb5: Sadie
Video Thumb6: Sadie

For someone who just turned 18 a few weeks ago, Sadie loves anal way too much. Ok, I can't really complain about that. But she DID fuck a lot of guys at her young age. Ok, can't complain about that either, she's barely out of High School and already fucks like a pro that makes me wonder where the hell girls like that...(read more)

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KC's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: KC
Video Thumb2: KC
Video Thumb3: KC
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Video Thumb5: KC
Video Thumb6: KC

KC, a girl so hip she only needs two consonants for a name. She also needs a serious reality check - currently a college student with great study habits, and athletic scholarship outlooks, KC really wants to become an actress. Why she thinks Porn is a better way to start off in than, oh...ANYTHING ELSE is something she...(read more)

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Karissa's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Karissa
Video Thumb2: Karissa
Video Thumb3: Karissa
Video Thumb4: Karissa
Video Thumb5: Karissa
Video Thumb6: Karissa

I'm a believer now - in Female Ejaculation, that is. 19 year old squirter Karissa proved to me it's not just pee by another name. She also proved that a girl can be TOO happy and outgoing: like a perpetually horny wind-up toy, Karissa is the perfect candidate to get into porn, as long as the viewer can deal with...(read more)

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Ania's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Ania
Video Thumb2: Ania
Video Thumb3: Ania
Video Thumb4: Ania
Video Thumb5: Ania
Video Thumb6: Ania

From Russia...with loooooove. But fear not, Ania was raised in the US so her English is fine. Not that you'd know because her mousy voice is barely audible over the air conditioner. Doesn't matter because she doesn't talk much anyway. Instead, she's a real-life bobblehead, nodding yes to everything I say as if my...(read more)

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Melanie and Natalee

Melanie and Natalee's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Melanie and Natalee
Video Thumb2: Melanie and Natalee
Video Thumb3: Melanie and Natalee
Video Thumb4: Melanie and Natalee
Video Thumb5: Melanie and Natalee
Video Thumb6: Melanie and Natalee

You're welcome. Melanie brought her BFF Natalee along for the interview. Talked to both on the phone before they came over and I knew this is going to be a two-fer. I said too much on the phone, they kinda knew what's coming, yet they're here anyway. Good sign. Melanie is open and ready, Natalee looks mortified...(read more)

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Winter's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Winter
Video Thumb2: Winter
Video Thumb3: Winter
Video Thumb4: Winter
Video Thumb5: Winter
Video Thumb6: Winter

Why is Winter catching my cum dripping out of her pussy with her hands? You'll just have to watch. Because what I have her do next is so disgusting I can't put that in writing. Cute girl but...OMG, stop giggling! Stop it! STOP! She can't believe she's doing all this. Well, Winter, believe it, it's happening. Your...(read more)

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Daisy's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Daisy
Video Thumb2: Daisy
Video Thumb3: Daisy
Video Thumb4: Daisy
Video Thumb5: Daisy
Video Thumb6: Daisy

19 year old, 5'11 tall Native American Daisy is so shy and quiet, I bump up the audio and still have to subtitle parts of the interview. Because I wouldn't want you to miss any of those eloquent gems this professional babysitter utters. That's sarcasm. You'll see. So what does Daisy bring to the table for us, other...(read more)

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