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Backroom Casting Couch ™ is a website that features photographs and videos about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job. I would hire them all, however I'm not a talent agent   ...   and there is no modeling job.


Sammy Date Added: Jun. 09, 2014

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OK guys, new drinking game: every time Sammy yelps "shit!", let's do a shot. See you all in the ER. Don't let her next-door looks deceive you, Sammy is a true surprise nympho. Much like with last week's casting candidate, I get away with ambush anal, DP (toys in ass, cock in pussy then cock in ass, toy in pussy) and...(read more)

Keywords:  AnalCreampieDPMILFTeenToyWeird

Aria Date Added: Jun. 02, 2014

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It's all about the ASS today. Look at that juicy thing. As soon as 19 year old girl-next-door Aria spreads her cheeks and shows me that tiny tunnel I knew I had to fuck it. Fingers go inside it. Toys go inside it. My cock goes inside it. Toys AND my cock go inside it. And no tears, other than my tears of joy. Aria =...(read more)

Keywords:  AnalBrunetteCreampieDPTeenToy

Mother-Daughter Date Added: May. 31, 2014

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Video Thumb1: Mother-Daughter
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Video Thumb3: Mother-Daughter
Video Thumb4: Mother-Daughter
Video Thumb5: Mother-Daughter
Video Thumb6: Mother-Daughter

This interaction pretty much sums up the whole thing: Daughter: "Mom showed me how to suck cock". Me to mom: "When do you teach your daughter to suck cock?" Mom: "When she needs to..." They hear the mother-daughter thing is getting big in porn and they want a piece of the money pie. They just had to wait until Mia...(read more)

Keywords:  AnalBig BoobsBrunetteMILFSwallowsTattooTeenThreewayWeird

Serena Date Added: May. 26, 2014

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When I interview 18 (!) year old Serena, with those big fake lashes, big hair, and under-her-breath bragging about how good she is in bed, I assumed she is just another self-deluded ghetto queen. I was wrong. I shudder to think what she had to be doing in High School to get as good as she is at her young age,...(read more)

Keywords:  AnalLatinaPainalSwallowsTeenToy

Bridget Date Added: May. 19, 2014

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Video Thumb1: Bridget
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Video Thumb3: Bridget
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Bridget. Hi, skinny girl. What is this constant giggling and that thing you do with your mouth? No, put your dress back on. I don't want to look at those trashy tattoos. You're weird. But also adorable in a meth-addict-in-training sort of way. Can't decide if your yelps are cute or annoying when I fuck your ass. Sorry...(read more)

Keywords:  AnalAnal CreampiePainalTattooTeen

Pregnant Cindy Threeway Date Added: May. 12, 2014

Pregnant Cindy Threeway's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Pregnant Cindy Threeway
Video Thumb2: Pregnant Cindy Threeway
Video Thumb3: Pregnant Cindy Threeway
Video Thumb4: Pregnant Cindy Threeway
Video Thumb5: Pregnant Cindy Threeway
Video Thumb6: Pregnant Cindy Threeway

Cindy is 8 months pregnant, and horny. I mean HORNY. On and off with her baby-daddy, Kristin Chenoweth Cindy more than goes the extra mile when I call in my buddy Kevin to help me tag-team our glowing MILF. There's a lot of anal. There's DP (sorta; hey it's really hard!). Mommy sucks our cocks over and over again with...(read more)

Keywords:  AnalDPFacialPregnantThreeway

Laura Date Added: May. 05, 2014

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Video Thumb1: Laura
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Redhead Laura says she knows she "quiet during sex" but failed to tell me until after her audition. "Quiet" is an understatement. If she hadn't been grinding her hips into my face as I was eating her out so she could cum, I would've thought this girl didn't want to be here at all. Couple of weird things she does and...(read more)

Keywords:  Redhead

Taybre and Khaleesi Date Added: Apr. 28, 2014

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Video Thumb1: Taybre and Khaleesi
Video Thumb2: Taybre and Khaleesi
Video Thumb3: Taybre and Khaleesi
Video Thumb4: Taybre and Khaleesi
Video Thumb5: Taybre and Khaleesi
Video Thumb6: Taybre and Khaleesi

What's better than a hot busty blonde on the couch? Having TWO of them. Taybre and Khaleesi single-handedly keep local tanning salons in business. While both brag to have sexually serviced the equivalent of a small town, only one of them has the guts to actually try and capitalize on those skills. Taybre is the...(read more)

Keywords:  AnalBig BoobsBlondeFacialThreeway

Layla Date Added: Apr. 21, 2014

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Video Thumb1: Layla
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Nothing better than a sex starved young mom. I should feel bad for the guy Layla is cheating on with me today. But her baby-daddy clearly hasn't made her cum in a long time, or given her the attention she craves. Shame on him, a girl with an ass like that deserves a regular tapping. The interview doesn't make me...(read more)

Keywords:  AnalFacialMILF

Aspen Date Added: Apr. 14, 2014

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Video Thumb1: Aspen
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Video Thumb4: Aspen
Video Thumb5: Aspen
Video Thumb6: Aspen

I'm not sure I can focus on getting MILFs much longer. On one hand it's a tough gig with tons of walkouts, threats, and more than your fair share of bad surprises between how they look in the pics they send you and when they actually show up. On the other hand, you can get a single mom like Aspen here, great attitude...(read more)

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